One step at a time.

Where ever you trek in Nepal there will most likely be steps and steep inclines and narrow paths. It always reminds me, that just like a life journey or a big task, it is best achieved by staying focussed and taking one step at a time. Trekking requires looking down at your feet to ensure you place your boot carefully to avoid tripping or falling.

(this photo was taken in the Khumbu about a days walk out of Namche)

Nile region, Tsum Valley. Nepal.

Situated high in the Himalayas and towards the end of the Tsum Valley trek, near the border with Tibet, this is a remote and beautiful part of Nepal. Home to yaks, native deer, Himalayan bears, snow leopard and rumoured to be occupied by the mythological yeti. In January this year when I was there, the temperatures dropped well below zero C. On a few nights it was minus 15. Winter is dry and cold but great for trekking as it rarely rains or snows. A sleeping bag with at least minus 20C is recommended.

Close to the Tibet border, this region is populated by Buddhist villagers who are mostly self sufficient. Staple crops are barley, maize, rice, potato, garlic.