The pristine beauty of the Tasmanian Wilderness. Forest lichen.

It is always good to be back in the cool wilderness of the Tasmanian forests. Beauty on every scale abounds. It must be preserved and protected. Too rare and too precious to be destroyed for mining and old growth logging.  DSC02156.jpg

Early evening walk in the forest. Southern Tasmania.

As the summer sun sets, the air cools and light fades -the ancient forest transforms into a place alive with noisy marsupials, night bird calls and shadows.  It is a wonderful place to be. Tasmanian forest creatures are at their most alive and active at night.P2130139.jpg

On Kunyani (Mount Wellington) today. Such a beautiful mountain so close to Hobart CBD.

Easily accessible wilderness so close to the capital city.

There is no need for the proposed cablecar.  To build such an eyesore is a travesty on this beautiful wilderness.  We must do no further damage to this forest and leave it undisturbed for future generations to enjoy.P2130136.jpg