One step at a time.

Where ever you trek in Nepal there will most likely be steps and steep inclines and narrow paths. It always reminds me, that just like a life journey or a big task, it is best achieved by staying focussed and taking one step at a time. Trekking requires looking down at your feet to ensure you place your boot carefully to avoid tripping or falling.

(this photo was taken in the Khumbu about a days walk out of Namche)

Flying into Kathmandu is usually a slow process. Prepare yourself for lots of aerial sightseeing in circles…

The approach to Kathmandu airport. Often delayed before you land…holding patterns are the norm. It is a busy airport, has intrinsic safety issues such as fog/smog, tarmac quality and at times some unusual take off and landing tactics by pilots.
A hub of activity at the airport
Prayer flags throughout the city-especially the Thamel. A great precinct to buy those trekking items you need.