About. Living on an island at the end of the world.

Hiker and amateur photographer, I enjoy solitude and peace in this pristine wilderness. Like any island tho, its good to leave occasionally and return with fresh eyes to observe its beauty and remote places, untouched by humans.

This wilderness has witnessed human endeavour never recorded, great dreams and vast losses, heroes and villains unknown. A dark and eerie grandeur sits over this island. Indefinable and mysterious, alluded to in its dark grey clouds, swirling icy mists and deep green impenetrable forests.  Forests that don’t forgive the careless hiker nor give up the lost. But irresistible in its draw…

5 thoughts on “About. Living on an island at the end of the world.”

  1. Hello Mark, I would like to follow this by email and I can’t work out how to do it. Maybe I’m just being dumb. Is there a button? I have a webpage called Tasmania Stories and a FB page of the same name and I would love to share some of your sublime photos. Help! please!

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  2. Hi there Joanna,
    If you select the “follow” button it will send you email updates. *the emails often go to junk mail tho – so check there if you aren’t receiving updates.
    Thank you for your kind words. The places I photograph are sublime. Less so my photography. I have no greater passion than being in the wilderness.

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  3. Mark, I’m happy to know you and excited to find your blog. When my wife and I visited Australia for the first time twenty years ago we drove up and down Tasmania and just really loved it. This will be great. I’ll look forward to reading all about your island and your adventures there. Thanks mate, cheers!

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