Nurses for Nepal Project

Earlier this year I travelled to the remote villages of Waku and Chheskam, in the Solukhumbu region of the Himalayas. I am returning to these two communities in late January 2020.The remote Himalaya is one of the poorest and most isolated places on earth. The traditional people who live here have little to no access to adequate health care. They have very few resources. The winters are bitterly cold, rapid climate warming is affecting their ability to grow their crops and the 2015 earthquake has significantly impacted on their housing and infrastructure. 

The Villagers of these two communities asked me to share their story with others back here in Australia, who may be able to help contribute to improve their health outcomes. I made a commitment to do all I am able, to support them to improve the health of their mothers, infants and children.  
In particular mothers, babies and children experience unacceptable rates of preventable death and illness. Mothers die due to lack of access to skilled birthing care and support.  
Your tax deductible gift will help to save lives and improve the life outcomes of these remarkable people. 
Thanking you in anticipation of your gift/donation to the Nurses for Nepal Project. Starting at a few dollars…

Author: mark's travel notes

I am an experienced trekker and hiker. I enjoy taking photographs and travelling. I prefer wilderness and remote places. Travel often as much as I can. Prefer off-season as less people around. Winter is always a great time. Happy to share local knowledge about the beautiful island of Tasmania. I support humanitarian and Human Rights causes and spend much of my time working pro-bono for and in developing countries.

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