Last night’s moon over Australia.

It’s not often I have been able to photograph stars in such close proximity to the moon. With the moon so dark they were easily visible on camera.DSC_0558.jpg

Author: mark's travel notes

I am an experienced trekker and hiker. I enjoy taking photographs and travelling. I prefer wilderness and remote places. Travel often as much as I can. Prefer off-season as less people around. Winter is always a great time. Happy to share local knowledge about the beautiful island of Tasmania. I support humanitarian and Human Rights causes and spend much of my time working pro-bono for and in developing countries.

8 thoughts on “Last night’s moon over Australia.”

  1. I took this pic on a Nikon D750 (a great camera but heavy) with a 400mm Nikon lens. The 400mm is good for animals and longer distance people pics but not really great from the night sky. But as you can imagine the really good night sky lenses cost the price of a small motor vehicle.

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  2. Gorgeous!! I was watching it on YouTube they were broadcasting from Perth Australia…it was truly captivating…plus my dear blogging friend lives in Australia and she captured a pic of it with her phone. What an amazing experience that was. Thanks for sharing.

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