Prayer flags – back in Kathmandu.

The sudden change in pace from the mountains to the city overwhelms for the first day or two. Noisy traffic, crowded dusty streets, ancient and modern buildings filling every corner of this great city.

But the one constant that binds all Nepal together are the fluttering prayer flags – conveying the dreams, hopes and prayers of millions skyward to the gods and the mountains.

Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple) in Kathmandu Nepal



5 Responses to “Prayer flags – back in Kathmandu.”

  1. Tasmanian Traveller

    People and bustle and noise can be overwhelming. Recently I (had the misfortune) of going into Hobart’s city centre as the annual Christmas Street Parade moved slowly through the streets. Way too many people etc for me – so I feel for you arriving back in the much more populous Kathmandu.

  2. The Year I Touched My Toes

    I wondered if it was there. We did go there in 2013. Just s different angle and I wasn’t sure. When my husband went there in the late eighties it was rural. And there were cows in Thamel and no cars!

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